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gotta be a grown up

when ya gonna own up?

monkeys dance for me in september
18 February 1990
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hello there, starshine
Hi, I'm Rage. I'm eighteen. I am, in no particular order: a college student, an recurring vegetarian, something of a writer, something of an artist, and a Filipina. I'm a bit bi (I'm private-list sexual; there is an actual list, okay).
so what's this about, anyway?
This is my real life journal. It's kind of ordinary (meaning, boring), as far as real lives go: my parents are still together, I've never actually succeeded at killing myself, etc. I angst around though-- it might be the age for it, but I don't remember not being like this towards the world, so it might just be me. I also blog about the stuff I've read/watched/listened to, or the things I've accomplished in one day, or over a time period. I have a tendency to be long-winded, when I get started. There's a bit of censorship going on-- meaning most, if not all, entries are friends-only.
friending policy
As this is a real life journal, I mostly friend people I know in real life. I used to have another journal, serenityrages, but I needed a change, so I moved spaces. I re-invited most of my friends from there, and most of them have added back, so it's cool. It's not a requirement that I know you personally for us to be friends-- sometimes I friend people I find interesting. If you want to friend me, please leave a comment, and it would be nice if we shared some interests!
are you anywhere else in cyberspace?
Tender Strawberry on multiply. Also mostly real life, only with visual aids, and also friends only. Twitter. Very picky here. Facebook Less picky- in fact, I add everybody, as long as we have common friends.
credit, where it's due
This profile layout is by gossymer, who's really kind of awesome, you guys. (She also put built-in credits below, but I like saying thank you.) My journal layout is by the equally amazing milou_veronica. The Darjeeling Limited mood theme is by the wonderful hobbitholes.

credits: profile codes